Pet Insurance FAQ

Please click on a question to see the answer. If you still need help please call our pet customer service team on 0345 812 0039

What pet animals will you insure?

CoverCloud offers insurance only for dogs and cats.

When does the cover start for my pet insurance policy?

Your cover will commence on the day you take out your policy.

  •  Cover for accidents will start after 48 hours.
  •  Cover for illness will start after 14 days.
How do you calculate the price for my pet insurance?

We tailor our premium to your pet. In order to offer you our best possible quote we need information about the breed of your pet, its age, gender, original purchase price and your post code.

Can I insure my pet at any age?

We will insure all dogs and cats which are older than eight weeks but not older than 6 years of age for dogs and not older than 8 years of age for cats at the start of Your Policy. Once your pet’s policy has been bought your pet can be covered up to any age as long as the policy is renewed each year and all payments are up to date.

Will you cover pre-existing conditions?

Currently all pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the policy?

Visit the key facts and policy wording page for full details.

Can I pay for my policy in instalments?

Yes, you can pay for the policy in monthly instalments or in one lump sum annually at the start of the policy.

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim just call the claims administrators on 020 3824 0722 as soon as possible with your client reference number and we will direct you in what steps you need to take. For medical emergency advice you can call Petline 24/7 any time on 0333 332 7924.

Can I cancel my policy?

You may cancel this annual policy at any time by calling 0345 812 0039 provided you have made no claims. Please read the policy wording for full details of the terms and conditions. If cancelled within 14 days of the policy issue date and with no claims presented a full refund will be provided.

Is my pet covered if we travel abroad?

We will cover your pet in the event that your pet requires veterinary treatment whilst temporarily in an EU member country. Please refer to your policy wording for further details.

What is Accident Only pet insurance?

The Accident Only policy is designed for those who need to keep an eye on their budget. It covers the cost if your pet has an accident but will not cover fees for illness and has no added policy benefits.

What is Co-insurance?

Co-insurance is a contribution payable by the policyholder towards the vet's fees after the deduction of any excess. We would then then meet the majority of the cost. The percentage payable varies depending on the age of the pet and the level of cover chosen.

As an example, let's say that the vet fees come to £800 and you have to pay an excess of £50, plus an extra 20% towards the co-insurance. The fee minus the excess would leave a balance of £750, of which 20% would be £150.

So in total you would pay £200 - the original excess of £50 plus the extra £150 - towards the overall £800 cost.

CoverCloud Service:

If you wish to lodge a complaint against any aspect of CoverCloud’s service in the sale of your policy please contact us as follows: In writing to Acumen Insurance Services Limited, St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1PE or
By telephone to 0345 812 0030 or
By email to