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Our specialist bicycle insurance gets you back on the road... fast.

We'll make sure you enjoy your ride without having to worry about the bad stuff.

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Get peace of mind knowing you have cover for: Accidental Damage, Theft, Accessories, Worldwide Cover, Personal Accident, Roadside Recovery and New for Old Replacement.

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Comprehensive Protection:

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Bicycle Insurance you can trust

Being a victim of bike theft is a distressing and costly experience, as is coping with the burden of unexpected repair costs and inconvenience should you have an accident whilst out on the road.

Bicycle Cover from CoverCloud is the perfect solution, with our comprehensive policy you're instantly protected against any number of risks that can affect you and your bike when riding in the UK and Worldwide.

CoverCloud's optional personal liability cover will also protect your legal liability if you accidentally injure someone or cause damage to property whilst riding your bike.

All the cover you need:

Accidental Damage[return to top]

We will pay the cost of repairs if your bicycle is damaged as the result of an accident or malicious damage. If your bicycle is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement bicycle.

Theft[return to top]

If your bike is stolen we'll sort it out. We even insure your bike when locked in your car or secured to your roof rack.

New-for-Old Replacement[return to top]

We will pay for the cost of replacement as new providing the damaged cycle was not more than 3 years old at the date of loss and provided it was new when you purchased it.

Accessories Cover as standard[return to top]

Your accessories are covered up to 30% of the value of your cycle

Worldwide Cover as standard[return to top]

Your cycle and accessories are covered worldwide against loss, theft and accidental damage

Replacement Cycle Hire [return to top]

We will pay up to 10% of the value of your cycle per day towards the hire of a replacement cycle.

Roadside Recovery Option[return to top]

UK roadside recovery will be available if an incident occurs more than one mile from your home.

Personal Accident Option [return to top]

A fixed lump-sum up to £15,000 in the event of accident or death whilst using your cycle.

Mountain Bike Insurance

With the speed and terrain of a track, we know that accidents will happen.

Electric Bike Insurance

Whether purpose built or an adapted standard bike, we can help.

Road Cycle Insurance

Protecting your ride and keeping you on the tarmac is what we are here for.