Pet insurance - choose the right policy and cover

Your pet is a most important member of the family and their well being is completely in your hands. But if the unthinkable happens and your pet needs urgent medical care and attention you may be looking at extensive costs from your Vet. 

You are probably aware that many breeds have inherited genetic health problems through their  breeding process and when these health problems arise it is time for man to become a dog’s best friend.  This is not just a problem for dogs.

Cats also have problems and let’s face it cats know they are man’s best friend!  These inherited problems combined with other inevitable injuries that occur during your pets’ lifetime can prove very expensive if you have not taken sufficient insurance cover. For example the current average accidental wound injury for a Dog is around £287 with Cats at around £354!

Comparison premium costs can be found on our website where you will see that the CoverCloud Pet Policy compares most favourably with other UK Pet Insurers. Our team of experts are available to help with your quotation on a dedicated “Pet Line”  and you may be interested to know that Vets Fees for Illness or Accident are covered up to £7,000 on our Premier Policy.

There are three cover levels plus an Accident Only option.


Posted: 05 April 2015