Home Emergency Insurance FAQ

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What is Home Emergency Cover?

Home Emergency Cover provides protection for a wide range of common but unexpected emergencies that can affect your home such as burst pipes, blocked drains, heating system breakdown, drainage problems, electrical wiring, property security, roofing and pests. We will arrange for an approved contractor to attend and take action to stabilise the situation and resolve the emergency.

What is covered under Home Emergency Cover?

You are covered against domestic emergencies related to:

  •  Plumbing and Drainage
  •  Boiler and Central Heating
  •  Gas & Electrical Supply
  •  Home Security
  •  Pest infestation
  •  Roofing failure
Once I report an issue when can I expect a contractor visit?

You can expect a contractor visit within 2 hours of contacting us.

Is there a limit per claim ?

Up to £500 (incl VAT) cover per claim dependant upon cover level taken per claim. There is a limit of 5 claims you can make per policy period.

Is there any call–out or excess charges?

No, we do not charge excess fees and all costs up to £500 are covered for each and every call-out

Is Home Emergency Cover similar to Home Contents insurance?

No, home contents insurance covers general household contents but it does not cover actual emergencies such as mechanical or electrical faults. Home Emergency provides on demand assistance to resolving emergencies

Are your contractors fully approved to carry out the work?

All contractors are fully vetted and must belong to a recognised trade association and have the relevant certificates covering Gas, Electricity and Health & Safety where appropriate. Once approved, all contractors are subjected to regular audits and there are strict Service Level Agreements in place which must be adhered to at all times.

What are the exclusions of this policy?

A complete list of these exclusions will be in the Terms and Conditions which are in the policy wording. Some of the general exclusions are mentioned below

  • Boilers more than 15 years old
  • Properties with more than 5 bedrooms
  • Failure of any services outside the boundary of your land
  • You cannot claim within the first 14 days of your policy (unless this is a renewal)

There is no excess fee to pay should you have to make a claim

How do I sign up for Home Emergency Cover?

You can call our customer service team on 0345 812 0030 or buy online.

How do I pay for Home Emergency Cover?

You can pay for your policy by Direct Debit on a low-cost monthly basis or you can make a one off payment by Credit/Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard only)

When will my policy begin?

Your plan will be activated immediately once we have issued your policy certificate but no claims will be allowed for the first 14 days of the policy

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim please follow the instructions on our home emergency claims page.

Please note: Major emergencies which may result in serious damage or danger to life or limb should immediately be advised to the public supply authority or in case of difficulty to the emergency services.

Suspected gas leaks should always be reported to National Grid UK on 0800 111 999

What happens if I change my mind?

If you're not happy with the policy or change your mind within 14 days, we'll happily refund your premium.

How do I cancel my policy?

Please inform us about any cancellation requests in writing via a letter or an email quoting your policy number and the reason(s) for the cancellation.

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my policy?

If you cancel your policy within the 14 day cooling off period all money collected will be refunded back to you as long as you have not made any claims. After the cooling off period if you are on a monthly payment plan we will stop the payments immediately so no further payments will be collected. If you have signed up for Annual payment than you will get a refund on pro rata basis less a £20 admin charge deducted from your repayment amount.

What if I relocate within the period of insurance cover?

You can call us on 0345 812 0030 to confirm relocation details and we will be happy to update your new property details for continued cover at that new address

How do I change the details on my policy?

You can call our customer service team on 0345 812 0030 and inform us about the changes you would like us to make to for you

Do you offer home emergency cover in Northern Ireland as well as the mainland UK?

Yes Home Emergency cover is available for customers in Northern Ireland but not the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

Do I have to pay the contractor?

We will arrange payments for the contractor as long as the cost falls within the £500 policy limits

My property has been empty for over 30 days, can I still make a claim

You are not able to make any claim or event where the property/home has remained unoccupied for more than 30 days.

What constitutes an Emergency

Emergency - means a sudden and unexpected event which, if not dealt with quickly would, in the reasonable opinion of the helpline:

  • (i) have resulted in a breakdown of the boiler or
  • (ii) render the property unsafe or insecure; or
  • (iii) damage or cause further damage to the property and/or any of your or your tenants belongings forming part of or normally contained within the property or
  • (iv) cause personal risk to you or your tenant;
What if my boiler cant be repaired?

Where your boiler/system is in our view is uneconomical to repair, we will pay at our discretion a contribution towards the cost of a new boiler (once we are in receipt of a Gas Safe registered authorised engineers invoice for the fitment of a replacement boiler) less any outstanding premium, in line with the following allowances:

Systems/Conventional Boiler Combination/Condensing Boiler
£250 incl. VAT 1-5 years £250 incl. VAT
I am a Landlord, can my tenant report an emergency?

As a Landlord you are deemed to have given your tenant permission to claim directly in the event of an emergency or breakdown and/or failure. In order for us to verify the cover you or your tenant should have your policy number ready to quote when you call us. The authorised contractor may also ask the tenant to produce their tenancy agreement upon arrival at your property.

Some room at my property are unoccupied, is this a problem?

At least half the rooms at the property must be used for normal living purposes

CoverCloud Service:

If you wish to lodge a complaint against any aspect of CoverCloud’s service in the sale of your policy please contact us as follows: In writing to Acumen Insurance Services Limited, Tourism House, Woodwater Park, Pynes Hill, Exeter, Devon EX2 5WS or
By telephone to 0345 812 0030 or
By email to admin@covercloud.co.uk