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Home Emergency Protect

Protection from a wide range of unexpected emergencies that can affect your home.

Up to £500 of cover for your heating system, electrical wiring, internal burst pipes, blocked drains, property security, roofing, pest infestation and more at a competitive price.

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Important Information:

Your home protected from £8.59 per month!

If you are unfortunate enough to have a home emergency such as your central heating breaking down or your drains becoming blocked, all you need to do is call us and we'll arrange for a fully trained and approved contractor to come to your house and carry out emergency repairs.

Why choose CoverCloud Home Emergency Protect?

What is covered by CoverCloud Home Emergency Protect?

Burst Pipes or Sudden Leakage

Repairs of leaks and blockages within your plumbing and drainage system and clearing blocked drains

Failure of Electrical Supply

Emergency caused by, or breakdown of the domestic electrical wiring supply system and its components

Heating System Failure

Breakdown of the gas central heating boiler, the central heating system and its associated pipework

Damage to Locks & Windows

Replacing lost keys and repairing broken locks and protecting your home following damage to your windows

Roofing Failure

Protecting your home following damage to your roof

Infestation of Pests

Protecting your home against infestation of the home by rats, mice and wasps nests or hornets nests

How do we compare against other insurers?

Supplier Price per month Heating System Electrical Supply Burst Pipes Locks & Windows Pest Infestation Excess
CoverCloud £8.59           Nil
24/7 Home Rescue £16.00           Nil
British Gas £17.70       Nil
The AA £15.99         Nil
ZPM Property Services £18.70       Nil
Prices correct as at 05/07/2017

Why use CoverCloud to protect your home?

Fully Trained Contractors

All contractors are fully vetted and must belong to a recognised trade association and have the relevant certificates covering Gas, Electricity and Health & Safety where appropriate. Once approved, all contractors are subjected to regular audits and there are strict Service Level Agreements in place which must be adhered to at all times.

Simple and Easy

With CoverCloud you can pay in one lump sum for the year or 12 easy to manage monthly installments. We've teamed up with GoCardless - the UK's number 1 Direct Debit provider to provide the very best service. All personal and payment information you send to us is securely encrypted using SSL with 128bit encryption.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

This insurance is not an equipment maintenance contract, household building or contents policy. It complements your household insurance policies, providing services and benefits which are not usually available under such policies.

There are some situations which are not covered. These generally involve anything you already know about or that is caused by deliberate or careless acts on your part. The most significant exclusions of this policy are set out below. There may be other exclusions that are significant to you, so you need to check the policy document for full details.

Cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy

All prices include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%