Corporate Gadget Insurance FAQs

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IMPORTANT: These FAQs only apply to our latest gadget insurance policy that went on sale 05 October 2019.

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What is Corporate Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance from CoverCloud is a cost-effective way of protecting the electronic and communication devices that are part of your business and personal lives.

What Gadgets are covered by CoverCloud Corporate Gadget Insurance?

Gadgets covered are: Mobile Phones, Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartwatches. Unfortunately we are unable to provide cover for laptops.

What is covered by a CoverCloud gadget insurance policy?
  •  Accidental Damage - We will pay the cost of repairs if your gadget is damaged as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Breakdown - We will pay repair costs if your gadget suffers an electrical or mechanical breakdown occurring outside of the manufacturers guarantee period. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Cracked Screens - We will pay the cost of repairs if the screen of your smartphone is damaged as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Liquid Damage - We will pay the cost of repairs if your gadget is damaged by liquid as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Theft - If you have chosen the Premier or Elite level of cover and your gadget is stolen we will provide you with a replacement gadget. Where only part or parts of your gadget have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.
  •  Loss - If you have chosen the Elite level of cover, we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Unauthorised Calls - If your mobile phone or smart phone is lost or stolen, we will refund the cost of unauthorised calls and data made from it after the time it was lost or stolen up to a maximum of £10,000.
  •  Overseas Cover - Our gadget insurance policy provides year-round overseas cover unlike many other gadget insurance companies.
  •  Accessories - If your claim for your gadget is approved, we will replace any accessories that were accidentally lost, stolen or accidentally damaged at the same time as your gadget up to a maximum value of £150.

Only in force if you select the Elite Cover option
* Loss cover is only available for Smartphones, iPads, Tablets and Smartwatches

Which policy shall I buy?

We accommodate businesses insuring less than 3 devices on our personal policy HERE. If you’re a business insuring 3 or more devices, please CLICK HERE.

When does cover begin?

Immediate cover is available for any gadget under 60 days old. A 14-day exclusion period applies for all other gadgets over 60 days of age at first policy inception.

How do I make a claim?

Claims are made online through your online account. Please go to the Claims page for full details on how to make a claim.

Do I need to supply a receipt if I make a claim?

Yes, in the event of a claim you will need to provide the original receipt/delivery note for the purchase of your gadget for which you are claiming. We recommend that you upload these documents to your secure online file as soon as possible to speed up any future claims process

Is there an excess to pay?

Yes, an excess is your contribution in the event of a successful claim. There are three different excesses to choose between, £50, £75 or £100. The higher the excess, the cheaper the premium becomes. The excess is payable on each and every claim.

How many claims can I make in a year?

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make.

How can I report theft or malicious damage to the police?

You should either contact your local police station or the police station local to where the incident happened within 48 hours of discovery. If the incident happens in another country, then the police station local to where the incident happened in that country.

Do I need to report any theft or loss of my phone to my network provider?

You need to report the theft and loss of any Smartphone, Mobile or PDA to your airtime provider and blacklist it within 24 hours of discovery. If you do not do this, we will be unable to approve your claim.

Can I choose when my cover starts?

Yes, you can choose your cover to start on the day you purchase the policy or any subsequent day within 28 days.

Are my gadgets covered overseas?

Overseas cover is provided as standard with CoverCloud.

I purchased my device some time ago, can I insure it?

Your gadget must have been purchased by you within the last twelve months and been sold to you as brand new or refurbished with a minimum 12-month warranty. If you are renewing an existing CoverCloud policy, there is no age limit on your gadget.

How will I receive my policy documents after purchasing a policy?

Your policy documents will be emailed to you immediately after you've completed your purchase. The documents are in PDF format and can be opened with the Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here.

How do I pay for a CoverCloud policy?

This is an annual policy that can be paid monthly or annually. If you pay annually then you will have paid for the full annual premium at point of sale. If you pay monthly, your premium will be charged monthly by Direct Debit for a minimum term of 12 months.

What is a monthly Direct Debit?

Our monthly Direct Debit payment option gives you a simple and secure method to pay regularly for your annual policy.

Can I pay via BACS?

Yes, corporate customers insuring 5 or more devices can pay via BACS. Please contact and will shall return to you with a formal quote and invoice.

What happens if I change my gadget(s) or business address?

You can notify us of any changes via the website contact form, via your online account or by email to

Can I renew my policy?

Yes, we will contact you up to 30 days before the annual renewal date of your policy and we will tell you then if there are any changes to your premium. To ensure continuation of cover, we will then automatically renew your policy unless you advise us otherwise.

How can I cancel my insurance?

You may cancel your insurance policy within 14 days of purchase without penalty and we will provide a full refund provided you have not made a claim. After 14 days, you may cancel the policy at any time and receive a pro rata refund less an administration fee of £15 provided you have not made a claim. If you pay by Direct Debit and have claimed, you can cancel your policy once the full annual premium has been paid. You can cancel your insurance, by giving notice of cancellation by email, website contact form or post quoting your surname, post code and policy number.

How can I make a complaint?

If you wish to lodge a complaint against any aspect of CoverCloud’s service in the sale of your policy please contact us via the website contact form, by telephone to 0345 812 0030 or by email to