Travel Insurance FAQ

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How do I make a claim?

Please go to the Claims page for full details on how to make a claim.

The travel agent/tour operator/have changed my travel dates. What should I do?

Don’t worry we will change the dates on your insurance policy to cover your new holiday. To arrange this please contact our customer services team on 0345 812 0033

I've lost my documents. How do I retrieve them?

If you have lost your policy document we will be pleased to forward another copy to you via email or post. To request another set of documents email or call our customer services team on 0345 812 0033

What do I need to take on holiday with me?

It is advisable that you take your travel insurance certificate and the relevant policy wording booklet away with you, but it is essential that you have a note of your policy number and the 24 hour emergency assistance telephone number.

What is a UK resident? Are you able to cover non-UK residents??

Someone resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. If you do not fit this criteria we may be able to provide you with cover via our call centre on 0345 812 0033.

What countries do our policies cover?

The level of cover applicable to you will depend upon the premium paid.

  • Area 1 - England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Island and Isle of Man
  • Area 2 - The continent of Europe including The Channel Islands, Eire and countries west of the Ural Mountains, Madeira, Canary Islands, Iceland, the Azores, Mediterranean Islands and non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean (excluding Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria  and Libya)
  • Area 3 - Australia and New Zealand
  • Area 4 - Worldwide excluding USA, Caribbean & Canada
  • Area 5 - Worldwide including USA, Caribbean & Canada

If you have purchased an annual multi-trip policy, you will be insured for travel within the following areas:

  • a) Europe - Area 2.
  • b) Worldwide - Area 5.
What is Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

An insurance policy which gives cover for unlimited trips during a 12 month period.

The annual policy offers a choice of cover for Europe or Worldwide travel with an unlimited number of trips of up to 22 days as the standard period, with optional extension to 46 or 92 days each trip when extra premium has been paid. All adults over 18 on an Annual Multi-trip policy can travel independently of each other

What if I am travelling to more than one country?

If you are going to more than one country, take care to select the region that will cover all of the countries you are visiting. For example if you are travelling to France and Israel you should select Worldwide.

How can I pay for my travel insurance?

You can pay for your travel insurance using a credit or debit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards:

When should I start my travel insurance??

If you are purchasing single trip travel insurance, cover for cancellation starts from the date of purchase. If you are purchasing an annual multi-trip, you are only covered from the date you choose to start your policy.

What is an excess?

The excess is the amount that you would need to pay towards a claim. For example, if you make a claim of £150 and the excess is £100 you will only be able to claim back the remaining £50. The excess amount is displayed in the policy wording schedule of benefits. We can offer optional cover called an Excess Waiver to protect these excess amounts.

What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition

Any past or current medical condition that has given rise to symptoms or for which any form of treatment or prescribed medication, medical consultation, investigation or follow-up/check-up has been required or received during the 24 months prior to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to any trip. If in doubt please call us on 0345 812 0033.

Age Limits?

The maximum age for trips to Europe and all other worldwide areas is 89. The maximum age for Winter Sports is 65.

Is dental treatment covered?

Emergency dental treatment for the immediate relief of pain up to £250 incurred outside the UK, Ireland, Channel Island or Isle of Man, whichever is your area of residence

I am having trouble arranging a policy or paying online. Can you help me?

If you are having trouble paying for your travel insurance online simply our customer services team on 0345 812 0033 or join the online chat queue

What is considered to be a Family?

Parents or grandparents (up to a maximum of two adults) and their children or up to 9 grandchildren. Cover for families shall apply where the appropriate premium has been paid and where the family members travel together.  Adults insured on an annual multi-trip policy are entitled to travel independently of each other. Cover for dependent children under 18 will only be provided if travelling with an insured adult and all travellers are named on your schedule. On a family policy all aged 18 or more can travel independently of each other but children under 18 must travel with at least one of the family over 18.

How is my policy delivered?

Your policy documents will be delivered by email.

Who are CoverCloud?

CoverCloud is a marketing brand of Acumen Insurance Services Limited. Acumen Insurance Services Ltd also trading as CoverCloud is an Appointed Representative of Maintenance Assist Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Register number 516611. Acumen Insurance Services Ltd, Registered in England No. 05004926. Registered Office: St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1PE..

What happens when my annual multi-trip policy expires?

Your policy will be automatically renewed unless you have advised us not to or there is material change to age banding related price changes.  If you have any questions about your renewal please contact us on 0345 812 0033 and speak to a member of our customer services team.

Your right to cancel

If your cover does not meet your requirements, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your policy and return all your documents for a refund of your premium. If during this 14 day period you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim, we are entitled to recover all costs we have incurred for your use of those services. Thereafter, you may cancel your policy at anytime however no refund of premium will be available.

What is End Supplier Failure Cover?

Our Silver and Gold Cover levels come with End Supplier Failure Cover. This protects travellers against the insolvency of un-bonded end suppliers. If failure occurs prior to travel, the holiday insurance will refund the lost ticket money. If failure occurs during the trip, the holiday insurance covers an equivalent return ticket, which often costs much more than the original ticket price.

CoverCloud Service:

If you wish to lodge a complaint against any aspect of CoverCloud’s service in the sale of your policy please contact us as follows: In writing to Acumen Insurance Services Limited, Tourism House, Woodwater Park, Pynes Hill, Exeter, Devon EX2 5WS or
By telephone to 0345 812 0030 or
By email to