Gadget Insurance FAQs

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IMPORTANT: These FAQs apply to our latest gadget insurance policy that went on sale 15th September 2016

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What is Gadget Insurance?

Gadget Insurance from CoverCloud is a cost effective way of protecting the electronic and communication devices that are part of our day-to-day lives.

What Gadgets do CoverCloud cover?

Smartphones, e-readers, digital cameras, games consoles, laptop computers, portable music players, mobile phones, smart watches, satellite navigation devices, tablets and video cameras.

What is covered by a CoverCloud gadget insurance policy?
  •  Accidental Damage - We will pay the cost of repairs if your gadget is damaged as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Breakdown - We will pay repair costs if your gadget suffers an electrical or mechanical breakdown occurring outside of the manufacturers guarantee period. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Cracked Screens - We will pay the cost of repairs if the screen of your smartphone is damaged as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Liquid Damage - We will pay the cost of repairs if your gadget is damaged by liquid as the result of an accident. If your gadget is not repairable then we will provide you with a replacement gadget.
  •  Theft - If you have chosen cover for Theft and your gadget is stolen we will provide you with a replacement gadget. Where only part or parts of your gadget have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.
  •  Loss - If you have chosen cover for Loss and you accidentally lose your gadget we will replace it.
  •  Unauthorised Calls - If your mobile phone or smart phone is lost or stolen, we will refund the cost of unauthorised calls made from it after the time it was lost or stolen up to a maximum of £1,000.
  •  Overseas Cover - Our gadget insurance policy provides overseas cover as standard unlike many other gadget insurance companies. Gadgets are covered worldwide for up to 90 days in total.
  •  Accessories - For theft and/or loss only up to £75 on Premier Cover and up to £150 on Elite Cover.
What is Multi-Gadget Insurance?

Multi-Gadget Insurance is a great way to save on your gadget insurance as you can save 10% by insuring more than one gadget through CoverCloud. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Can I insure a phone for other family members?

Our policies cover your gadgets even when they are being used by your immediate family. Immediate family means mother, father, spouse, civil partner or domestic partner who permanently live(s) with you and your/their son(s) or daughter(s).

How do I make a claim?

Please go to the Claims page for full details on how to make a claim.

Do I need to supply a receipt if I make a claim?

In the event of a claim you will need to provide the original receipt for the purchase of your gadget for which you are claiming.

If you do not possess or were never issued with a receipt for your gadget (as it was provided free as part of a contract, e.g. mobile phone), you will need to provide evidence of the original order and/or contract under which the gadget was supplied. Please contact your network provider to obtain this.

Is there an excess to pay?

If you make a claim you are liable for part of the cost of repairing or replacing your gadget and the insurer is responsible for the rest. You can choose to pay a £50, £75 or £100 excess. The higher the excess, the lower your premium will be. Please note that the excess you choose will double after a second claim.

How many claims can I make in a year?

If you bought your policy on or before 14 September 2016, cover is limited to 3 claims during any single Period of Insurance of which one may be a claim that results in the item being replaced. If you bought your policy after 14 September 2016, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make.

How can I report theft or malicious damage to the police?

You should either contact your local police station or the police station local to where the incident happened. If the incident happens in another country then the police station local to where the incident happened in that country.

Do I need to report any theft or loss of my phone to my network provider?

You need to report the theft and loss of any Smartphone, Mobile or PDA to your airtime provider and blacklist it within 12 hours of discovery. If you do not do this we will be unable to approve your claim.

Can I choose when my cover starts?

Yes, you can choose your cover to start on the day you purchase the policy or any subsequent day within 28 days.

Are my gadgets covered overseas?

Overseas cover is provided as standard with CoverCloud. For all gadgets there is worldwide cover up to a maximum of 90 days in total, in any single 12 month period.

Does it matter how old a gadget is?

The gadget must be less than 3 years old, purchased as new or newly refurbished from an approved supplier and with valid proof of purchase supplied to us when the policy begins. For customers renewing their policy the maximum age limit of the gadget is 5 years.

How will I receive my policy documents after purchasing a policy?

Your policy documents will be emailed to you immediately after you've completed your purchase. The documents are in PDF format and can be opened with the Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here.

How do I pay for a CoverCloud policy?

You can choose to pay for your policy on a monthly basis or in a single annual payment. If you choose to pay on an annual basis you will receive a discount. If you do choose to pay monthly, you will be debited a fixed amount on a 12 monthly finance term agreement until the full premium is paid

What is a Monthly Direct Debit?

Our 12 monthly Direct Debit finance payment gives you a simple and secure method to pay regularly for your cover. If you choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit you will need to provide your name and address, date of birth, name and address of your bank/building society (where applicable), your bank/building society account number and branch sort code. Please ensure all the details are correct.

Is it possible to change the date that my monthly payment is taken?

If you are paying for your policy on a monthly basis, this will be collected on the following dates after processing your payment plan – 1st or 11th or 21st day of the month. We cannot change the payment date once set up and there will be a £10 penalty charged for missed payments.

Does my home insurance policy cover my gadgets?

Items under 'Personal Belongings' or 'All Risks Cover' may only be covered for theft or accidental damage but not for breakdown and the excess on a home insurance policy can be higher than the excess on CoverCloud gadget insurance.

Can I renew my policy?

Yes you can. You will be contacted up to 28 days before the renewal date of your policy and we will tell you about any changes to the premium or the policy terms and conditions. If you do not want to renew your policy, you need to contact us on the contact details provided in the renewal notice.

How can I cancel my insurance?

You may cancel your insurance policy within 14 days of purchase without penalty and we will provide a full refund provided you have not made a claim. After 14 days, you may cancel the policy at any time and receive a pro rata refund less an administration fee of £15 provided you have not made a claim. You can cancel your insurance, by giving notice of cancellation by email or post quoting your surname, post code and policy number.

CoverCloud Service:

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